Digital Solution


DCUBE firmly believes that learning through fun has a greater impact on students. Digital class education is a boon for students of the 21st century. Technology has dramatically changed the way of communication; the right use of internet and computer is a blessing for kids today. Blended learning through use of both traditional and digital media will increasingly see acceptance in our country.

We offer the following services to schools, colleges:

  1. Digital Classroom Solution
  2. 360 degree E-Learning Solutions
  3. Test Preparation
  4. Distance Learning
  5. Online and Mobile End-to-End Assessment Solution
  6. Higher Education
  7. Student Admission
  8. Digital E-Campus
  9. Digital Library
  10. Alumni
  11. Online Forum
  12. Placement
  13. LMS
  14. Virtual Realty
  15. Augmented Reality
  16. Create Reports
  17. Quality Improvement
  18. Auditing
  19. Feedback
  20. Mentoring
  21. Consulting
  22. Hostel Occupancy
  23. Attendance Management